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A real-time in cab coaching tool focused on improving driver behavior to maximize efficiency.

Driver and Truck Analytics

A cloud-based solution that analyzes and presents information, to fleet executives to help optimize the performance of drivers and assets.

Driver Performance Management Solutions

Pay for Performance solutions that are fast, fair and easy for your team to generate. Integrating into most telematics systems.

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In the cab, I utilize LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach. We’ve all heard that there is a 30% difference in fuel economy between the best and worst drivers. The question is, though, how do you know where along that driver proficiency continuum you are? Indeed, I was proficient, consistently operating well into the mid-90% score. However, I discovered that after I turned my engine down from 500 to 425 HP, that I had to relearn how to drive by properly managing the truck’s momentum. At 500 HP, I didn’t have to; just set the cruise and go. Now with the truck set at 425 HP and managing momentum, true to its name, I have become a better, smoother, more fuel-efficient driver than before.

Alec C.

I added LinkeDrive to my fuel economy strategy about 13,000 miles ago. Before LinkeDrive I was averaging an impressive 8.7 mpg and assumed I had reached the limit for a non aero tractor trailer combination running general freight. I couldn’t have been more wrong, after adding this amazing easy to use product my mpg has jumped to an astounding 9.25 mpg and continues to climb…..a great investment I would recommend to any and all professional drivers.

Joel M.

PedalCoach is making me think about what’s coming down the road, and break old bad habits with my heavy foot. I am more focused on what I am doing in general, rather than zoning out…

Andrew L.

As a prior O/O, I’ve always been focused on fuel efficiency. PedalCoach is teaching me new ways to be even more fuel efficient, and has helped me break bad habits I wasn’t aware of… and I’m loving the impact it’s having on my fuel bonus!

Peggy M.

Great app from a great company with some awesome full of knowledge employees

Michael T.

Really helped me, giving me visibility into what I needed to do to bring my MPGs up… helped me hit my fuel bonus!

Chad H.

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