Our Approach

LinkeDrive, Inc was established in 2012 to help fleets large and small reach greater profitability in their operations.  We leverage mobile and cloud technologies combined with data science and business intelligence.

Owning & Operating a truck is expensive.  Fuel costs routinely exceed 40% of operating expense for commercial vehicle fleets.  However, it is clear the most proficient drivers outperform the least capable drivers when if comes to MPG performance.  Yet the problem of high turnover makes the retention of top drivers difficult and makes the payback from training short lived.  Common countermeasures to the fuel cost problem include speed governors, cruise control, and hindsight oriented MPG measuring devices.  While these can have some effect, they can reduce driver focus or they lack immediate feedback that guides or “coaches” the most efficient way to move a truck.

Our Story

Our first product, PedalCoach, is radically improving the bottom line for our customers by measuring, coaching, and rewarding safe and efficient driving. Commercial vehicle fleets are adopting PedalCoach to save fuel, reduce accidents, and retain drivers.