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Category: Driver Performance

CCJ: App developers sharpen focus on driver performance

LinkeDrive’s CTO JD Doyle is featured in this recent CCJ article, where CCJ author Aaron Huff focuses on how PedalCoach and our Driver Performance Management (DPM) platform is creating gamification in the driver scorecard space. The article goes into detail on best practices of what we’re doing to create not only a healthy competition amongst among drivers, but promoting best in class performance throughout your overall organization and RESULTS amongst drivers. This methodology, combined with our patented PedalScore Score, gives companies…

Your Driver Performance Bonus: 5 things you are (probably) doing wrong

Marc Pitcher, LinkeDrive’s VP of Sales and Business Development, shares some of his major concerns within the transportation industry regarding driver performance and bonus programs. Is your business constantly battling employee retention, balancing compensation plans and creating transparency in the vehicle? See what LinkeDrive is doing to help solve these problems with our Driver Performance Management solutions. Marc Pitcher’s article on driver performance can be seen here.…