Fundamentals in Reaching Your Organizational Goals

At LinkeDrive, we have the pleasure of working every day with some of the top performing drivers and transportation organizations in the industry, with a core focus of offering solutions in saving fuel, reducing accidents, and retaining drivers.  We specialize in providing solutions that cut across organizations, empowering not only your operational teams, but also in providing other divisions in your organization such as HR and Training with the right tools and technologies to put the best programs in place to help you achieve your overall organizational goals.  To be the best, you have to start day one when the driver first steps into orientation and training… our solutions do just that!

The Challenge

All too often when working with organizations and drivers, we find that an individual’s high-performance is simply attributed to the fact that those individuals “are just good at what they do.”  What is missed so many times, is those high-performing individuals’ openness to on-going education and the willingness to adopt new technologies in an effort to hone their trade.  Joel Morrow, a LinkeDrive Ambassador, avid PedalCoach user, and hypermiling industry veteran with over 4 million miles under his belt, has heard the same… “well, that’s just Joel.”  Joel decided to put that to the test!

Enter Travis Lauer.  Both Travis and Joel work at Ploger Transportation, based in Bellevue, Ohio, an organization known for high performance and fuel efficiency.  

Unlike Joel, Travis is new to the trucking industry, with just over 3 years under his belt.  Joel recognized his potential and had worked closely with Travis since he started his career at Ploger. “I wanted to put a PedalCoach in Travis’ tractor, as I could see he had all the skills to become a great driver, but needed the right educational tool to help him get to the next level.  I use PedalCoach every day in my tractor as a seasoned driver… it’s my secret weapon. I knew it would be a great fit for Travis.”

The Results

Prior to PedalCoach, Travis was averaging 7.5 MPGs… and after driving with PedalCoach for just a few short days, Travis lifted that by close to 1.5 MPGs, and averaged over 9 MPGs for over 20,000 miles!  Joel created a series of LinkedIn postings to show Travis’s progress (see our reference section below).

We recently had a chance to connect with Travis to hear his thoughts.  “Using PedalCoach has been an eye-opener for me.  Prior to PedalCoach, I mashed the pedal a lot, I’d leave my cruise locked in top speeds, and I’d be less focused on the road ahead.  It’s been a great to have it in my cab, always there to coach me to the best possible performance… as well as compete with others like Joel. I’m a competitive guy, so it makes it fun!”  

In fact, this past year both Joel and Travis posted all-time performance highs, both attributing their success to PedalCoach.  Joel hit a record 16.75 MPG for over 500 miles on November 17th, and while Travis hit a record 11 MPG for over 300 miles on November 22nd.  Joel went on to say that “there is no way I could have made that 16.75 MPG without PedalCoach!”  At LinkeDrive, we love seeing drivers like Joel and Travis push the performance envelope, and have fun while doing it!

Summing It All Up

At LinkeDrive, we specialize not only in providing solutions to help your drivers achieve gains similar to what Travis has experienced, but also in programs that help the HR and Training divisions of your organizations put the right tools and development programs in place so that individuals like Travis get to that 9 MPG quicker.  Our leading-edge tools cut across organizations, providing easily assessable and actionable data to everyone in the organization so that you can achieve the best driver retention possible, provide the best driver orientation and onboarding, as well as help you develop the most efficient and effective way to make your drivers (and organization) successful for the long haul.

We think Joel said it best in his recent Run on Less video, that “education and technology will be the key to succeeding in this business going forward.”  We’re ecstatic to now have Travis part of the LinkeDrive family, and are confident that with LinkeDrive’s technologies and programs, you too can develop your new and veteran drivers to achieve your organizational goals.

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  • Travis Lauer’s Progress on LinkedIn
  • Joel Morrow – Run on Less Video