Driver and Truck Analytics

Existing fleet performance solutions capture and report on some vehicle and driver performance metrics. To get detailed information, fleets typically have to wait weeks for vehicles to return to the maintenance bay where they can perform data downloads.

With LinkeDrive’s web portal, managers have access to the wealth of performance information coming directly from vehicle and being analyzed in the cloud in real time. You can instantly apply insights to attain new levels of fuel efficiency and safe driving while vehicles are still out on the road.  With our advanced analytics, you can see exactly where and how drivers are underperforming and evaluate them with our fair and easy to understand scoring system. Communication is simple, immediate, and effective as drivers and managers are seeing the same data as it happens.

By utilizing web portal with PedalCoach®, fleets now have a driver-focused application to improve the bottom line by measuring, coaching, and rewarding drivers for safe, productive and fuel-efficient driving. Our driver evaluation and ranking system will enable your management team to make it easy to discuss performance improvements with drivers. We wrap up all of the detailed metrics into a modern view to make complex analytics easily to understand.

PedalCoach® uses a patented solution (U.S. Patent No. 9,135,759)  to evaluate and score all drivers across the fleet. With this score, managers can quickly determine which drivers are outperforming their peers in fuel and driving performance and then provide coaching for those lagging behind. The score, based on a scale of 100, is fair, normalized and encourages drivers to perform. Drivers see the score at the end of each trip (ignition on/off event) through PedalCoach®. With the web portal, drivers and managers speak the same language. Driver coaching moments are more simple, clearer and on-demand.

Our cloud system is constantly receiving information from each fleet vehicle. With its GPS and mapping support, managers can track the location of each vehicle moving down the road and see how each vehicle and driver is performing. The web portal also tracks performance for the entire fleet and by fleet segment.

Managers can see historical routes that drivers took and how the driver performed on each of those drives

The web portal provides the most detailed driver, truck, and route performance comparisons in the transportation industry. With its comparative analysis tools, driver managers gain instant, drill-down visibility to understand:
• When, where and why drivers are underperforming.
• How drivers are performing in relation to their peers.
• When, where and why drivers are idling

With our solution, fleet equipment managers can conduct A/B testing of aerodynamic equipment and compare performance among different engine and vehicle systems to make smarter spec’ing decisions.

For senior-level executives, the web portal provides the ability to:
• Measure and compare driver managers
• Measure fleet-wide KPIs such as idling, fuel consumption, and vehicle utilization.
• Identify underperforming assets.