What if your entire driver bonus program was automated and 3 clicks away?

“Save Fuel. Reduce Accidents. Retain Drivers.” That is the motto every member of the LinkeDrive team works towards with all of our customers. We have built the most comprehensive system to measure and analyze everything drivers do that could impact the safety and efficiency of their job.  We leverage a modern mobile and cloud-based platform to ensure you have a powerful, flexible and cost effective system.  The heart of this stems from our driver scorecard creativity and methodology. We leverage our products or your current telematics system to provide meaningful, actionable, and relevant driver performance scorecards.

  • Fuel – Leveraging the PedalCoach application we are able to move away from ‘just’ MPG and  evaluate drivers on a comprehensive set of behaviors that lead to good  of fuel efficiency such as speed control, use of cruise control, aggressive acceleration and selecting the right gear.  PedalCoach’s fairness algorithm balances out the uncontrollable variables to the driver such as: trailer weight, truck type and terrain.
  • Safety – Our engineers have created some of the most advanced algorithms around evaluating drivers based on driving behaviors related to safety. This will assist you and your safety department by providing real-time updates to assist in both rewarding and coaching drivers. Our performance management system makes these conversations EASY by identifying the most important problems in behavior with both a ranking system and a percentage based score.  Drivers scorecards include a simple coaching tip that shows them the 1 or 2 things that they should work on most in the current pay period.
  • Productivity – Productivity is about more than just miles.  Our productivity measurement algorithms consider days driven, amount driven per day and can be customized to include delivers, on-time metrics and more.   This system gives a clear view of how productive their fleets are, who is getting the most hours, miles and deliveries in.  It can also be used to balance workloads and quickly see who should get the next load on the board.  What do you consider productive? We work with you to extend our algorithms to give you custom, reports that you can access in real-time from our website

How We Do It

We pride ourselves on being able to get our customers the meaningful, actionable, data they NEED.  Our Android based mobile and easy-to-install platform PedalCoach, integrates with many of the popular telematics platforms. We can extract data from your current telematics system and correlate metrics to help coach your drivers and fairly evaluate their performance.  By leveraging LinkeDrive’s  big data analytics and machine learning algorithms, your team will have the ability to coach and fairly score your drivers based on key performance indicators you set.

Our PedalCoach software provides you with the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your drivers and fleets. You will have detailed performance reports on your drivers with high level sorting and filtering to help you determine individual performance. Real-time reports to help aid drivers struggling in certain categories along with helping the most experience driver focus in on key factors to hit the 9MPG club.

With our Third Party plug-Ins, we collect and analyze fleet-wide metrics that are key in evaluating drivers performance.  These programs can be quickly and easily integrated you’re your existing programs because it’s using the same telematics data that is available today.  Using this data we can identify those needing extra coaching to meet baseline fleet metrics.  These drives can be put on a PedalCoach program for extra assistance in meeting the performance goals.