At LinkeDrive, we believe that truck drivers hold the key to fuel economy. While over 30% of fuel economy is under the direct control of the operator, most in-cab fuel economy solutions such as governors, limiters, transmission modes and other add-on devices effectively take away control from the driver. Our approach is to engage and empower drivers and organizations to improve.

What You Can Expect

  • Immediate fuel savings
  • Improved safety records
  • Better asset durability
  • Higher driver performance and job satisfaction

You Choose the Layout and Gauge Style that Best Fits Your Needs!

  • Easy to customize layouts for companies and drivers
  • Numerous gauges styles available, with additional value-add and selectable components for you to choose from
  • Gauges float on top of other running applications, allowing you to get the most out of your Android device
  • Show the gauges all of the time, or only when you’re driving

PedalCoach® is an in-cab application that helps all drivers do better when it comes to fuel economy. The key to this is our unique patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,135,759) method of establishing the right fuel target that dynamically adapts to the road, load and driver. PedalCoach is constantly calculating the optimal fuel rate during every trip, giving the driver a moving mpg target that doesn’t penalize him or her for a heavy load or an old truck.

PedalCoach reduces all the aspects of driving efficiently to a simple UI. We present this as an efficient target using an intuitive audio/visual feedback gauge that is easily understood by drivers of all experience levels. This drastically reduces the time needed to train drivers on progressive shifting and smart acceleration and it eliminates all associated confusion. All the driver has to practice is keeping the PedalCoach gauge “in the green” and his or her performance will improve.

PedalCoach creates a fair and normalized score by filtering out factors that are out of the driver’s control, including the truck type and model. This allows fleets that have never had pay-for-performance plans to create one built around the PedalCoach score. Fleets that already have a pay-for-performance plan, will see drivers qualify for bonuses for the first time.